ORDER FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY BY THE 19th and we can still get it to you! <3 Or pick up at the farm as late as the 24th...


Please let us know if your order is for a gift & we will include a bag + tissue paper. If multiple gifts, please let us know how many bags + tissue to include. 

We are happy to send a gift package directly to the recipient. Just leave their address and any special message or note you'd like written on a little farmy card at checkout...or drop us a quick email using our contact page. We can also curate a gift selection for you based on your details and budget.


Shipping is collected as it is assigned to each product...so sometimes based on your location or order size, too much shipping is collected. I will only charge actual shipping. So if at check out, it looks high...no worries, I will refund you anything that is over what it's actually costing. 

 Use Code LOCALPICKUPDELIVERY for no shipping for locals who are picking up at the farm or receiving delivery.