Cold process is a gentle and traditional way of making 100% natural, real soap that cleans beautifully without detergents or chemicals. The fine ash layer on each soap assures it was made from pure goat milk using non-chemical methods. This simple process + low temperatures, preserves the benefits of the goat milk + natural oils , creating a luxurious, creamy + nutrient rich soap. Each soap is made with the maximum amount of goat milk possible for the most divine product possible.

Our soaps are available in unscented for the most sensitive skin, with the added benefits of pure essential oils or in a selection of classic fragrances.

Totally natural, real soap with the incredible healing, clarifying, and refining properties of fresh goat milk...a beautiful accident that I never knew I couldn't live without...until now. We bought our dream fixer upper out in the country, full of charm and possibilities including 40 acres of waist high weeds. If you need weed eaters, why not get ones you can milk, right?! A few weed eaters turned into our precious friends, and an attempt at soap making with the beautiful milk turned into a product we never knew we would love so much...and now can't live without. Everything soapy from start to finish is done here on the farm, by us, that being myself and a small army of children...from milking the girls each morning to wrapping each delicious soap. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! With much love, from our pastured & hand milked girls Xx

Please feel free to contact us for custom orders or to order large quantities. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for your soap to be shipped.